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Help Spread the Word and Grow Our Readership

Since the launch of Magic Seats in 2020, many readers follow this blog and its social sites. The site is run without any funding or advertising and all running costs are picked up by Magic Seats (Martin Brophy). I am happy to do this, as it is my hobby, but I need your help in other ways to promote the site and its content.

A lot of work takes place to try to make this one of the best magic sites, not just for magicians but also for the layman - promoting magic as an art form. An interview alone can take many hours to write and prepare with promotional materials etc.

This is where I need your help... with a limited budget I rarely advertise, but if you can do some of the following to help promote the site, I would be truly grateful:

  • Please like and follow our social media sites that include our Facebook page and new WhatsApp channel to stay up to date when we post

  • If you can like and share social posts to widen audience reach as often as possible

  • Contact if you are a magician and would like to be featured or interviewed

  • Contact if you have a show that you would like reviewed and/or promoted

All assistance to help grow the reach of the site would be appreciated. After running for nearly four years, we have quite the back catalogue now of interviews, reviews, collectables, show news and more. Content that may very well be of interest still to many readers.

If you like the site, your help growing the readership would be most appreciated.

Thank you

Martin - Magic Seats



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