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IBM British Convention - Saturday Gala Show

The IBM 25 British Ring have posted about their Gala show:

The I.B.M. British Ring No.25 85th Annual Convention 7th-10th September 2023 in Eastbourne.

The Saturday Night Gala Show has a fantastic line-up. At great value for money both Full and Weekend Registrations include a Gala Show ticket. You can still purchase Gala Show tickets (£15 each) with any Day Registration. If you have family and friends who would enjoy the show, why not purchase additional tickets from the Registration Officer and all sit together!

Yollin Lee from Korea is known for the elegant and theatrical presentation of his manipulation act.

John-Henry has an unfettered creativity and talent for propmaking that makes his act unique.

Adrien Quillien from France delivers his ‘Magic Madness Bartender’. Bubbling with dexterity and contagious rhythm, he creates a real magic potion to shake and raise the audience!

Michael Jordan is a multitalented entertainer and will delight the audience with his fast paced juggling.

Richard Cadell has recently starred in a national theatre tour of Xtreme Magic! He looks forward to sharing one of his most dangerous illusions in the Gala Show.

Louise Andreé loves combining her skills as both ‘magician’ & ‘assistant’ to challenge the traditional stereotypes of magic performance.

Keith Fields and Lady Sarah present their unique brand of comedy magic that has literally taken them around the world. Prepare to laugh and be amazed.

Safire are an exciting, amusing and dynamic illusion act that has appeared all over the globe.

Book on our website or contact the registration officer at


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