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Intro To Magic - Taylor Hughes 3 Week Magic Course

Taylor Hughes is advertising an event that includes a 3 week magic workshop in December, followed by an end of term Zoom show.

Book on eventbrite here.

Further details about the workshop below.

Intro to Magic with Taylor Hughes - A Virtual 3 Week Magic Course!

Saturdays at 1pm PST,12/5-12/19

CLASS #1 #2 and 3

When I was a kid, I asked a magician, “How did you do that?” They responded with, “I can’t tell you.” So, I asked them, “Well, where did you learn it?” They responded, “Someone told me!”

Now is your chance to learn the secrets behind one of the world’s oldest art forms. Each week I will share with you tips and tricks that will allow you to amaze those around you. No previous experience is needed, and the magic can be done with easy to find household items.

In addition to performing your own magic, each student of the class will get free admission to my virtual show presented by Dynasty Typewriter presented on December 20.

Keep Chasing Wonder!

Taylor Enrollment (all students will have access to all three courses PLUS admission to Taylor's virtual show on 12/20: - General Admission: $100 for All Three Courses (including class #1) * ALL AGES WELCOME! * Accessing the Class: You will receive an email with the livestream link in an Eventbrite confirmation email. We will also be emailing out livestream info an hour before the class in case you missed it! Help Our Independent Venue Survive!


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