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Jay & Joss - New Online Zoom Shows

Edit - I have just booked my tickets. You can select from three different packages - West End, Broadway and Las Vegas at different price ranges. Have uploaded the options as a picture at the end of this post.

I just discovered the following on my FaceBook feed. Good to see another online show being advertised.

A multiple camera online show. Ticket prices are reasonable and they are advertising 3 remaining dates until this Sunday the 4th (at present).

Here are the details and link as per their post:

VIRTUAL MAGIC SHOW - Do you want to have your mind blown?

After perfoming magic in theatres and cruise ships for years, we've deciced to perform for you via a video call!

Our new show is interactive and via zoom, so you and your family can watch an interactive magic show and have your minds blown! 🤯

Family tickets from only £7.49!? What... I know right!


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