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John Archer Interview

Updated: Mar 28

Thanks to John for joining us this week for a chat.

Established as a magician over the last 25 years with his theatre and TV work. I was surprised when my small website was able to get to chat with John as I was not expecting to be able to attract a number of established and recognised names in magic. Thank you John.

Magic Seats - How are you you and how have you kept busy over the last few months during lockdown?

John - ​I am pretty good. Enjoying lockdown but also hating it. I do miss being onstage with ​an audience, it has been my life for over 25 years so I am a bit stuck sat in my office ​wondering when it will all happen again.

Magic Seats - I guess that gave lots of thinking time. How have you adapted to the business challenges of lockdown while continuing to work as a magician?

John - Business is pretty much on hold. Thankfully I am not too worried financially just yet.

​I have used the time to think and also enjoy some things that I rarely get enough ​time to do. I haven’t been too magic orientated and have seen it more as a ​sabbatical. My thinking is that taking myself away from it a little right now might ​make me come back with a fresh approach and see things that I never saw before…. ​Or I could just be terrible when I start again!

Magic Seats - What are your views on artists who embrace technology for interactive live performances using mediums such as Zoom or other online mediums?  

John - ​I have no problem with artists doing whatever they need, or have to do to get ​through this time. We are all on a different journey. I have chosen not to for a few ​reasons: I don’t really need to right now. I also don’t wish to put out what I would ​consider a diluted inferior version of who I am and what I do. Just because you can ​doesn’t mean you should, but equally, just because I don’t want to doesn’t mean it ​isn’t right for somebody else.

Magic Seats - With social distancing and lockdown, how do you think it will affect how you perform live in the future and how do you plan to adapt?

John - Obviously, I have thought about the short-term implications and looked at my ​current routines to see how they could be performed in a socially distanced and safe ​way. Long term I am obviously hoping that we can hug, touch and interact with each ​other ‘normally’ again. Personally, I am best when I can have a spectator up on stage ​with me and interacting normally. I have resigned myself to the fact that it will be a ​‘new normal’ for a while.

Magic Seats - I think you're right. We will have to come accustomed to this new way of life for a while. What else have you been up to?

John - I haven’t done any form of performance (other than silly songs with my ​ukulele) since lockdown began. I have done a few online interviews but that’s about ​it. I am not really aware of how they have been received, that is the nature of online ​content sometimes. A bit like this interview, I answer the questions and may never ​know if it was in any way useful to anyone.

Magic Seats - I will have to let you know! What advice would you give anyone wishing to get into performing magic as either a hobby or professionally?

John - As a hobby I would just say “Do it, it is a great hobby and lots of fun in social ​situations (Just don’t be annoying – less is more). Try as many different styles and ​types of magic as you can to start with. Learn coins and cards, mentalism and stage ​effects. Try and get an all-round grasp of the craft (Art if you want to call it that) as ​you can.

​If you are considering going professional I would say wait. Wait till you get to the ​point where you can no longer maintain your full-time job and perform in all the ​things that are coming your way. A lot of the best magicians in the world throughout ​history have been amateur or just semi-professional. It’s a great life being full-time ​but it has a lot of challenges, especially at the start. So wait till the moment is right, ​for some that may be right away but for many it might be never. Also talk to as many ​professionals as you can before you make the leap.

Magic Seats - What does the future hold for you?  Any exciting plans that you can share?

John - Nothing too exciting. I will hopefully re-commence my UK tour at the end of this year ​or early next year. (This is all a big ‘fingers crossed’ thing). I will also go on tour ​supporting Tim Vine again. But this time I’ll be doing no magic and just ​masquerading as a ukulele playing Big Buddy Holly on his ‘Plastic Elvis’ tour. ​Other than that, who knows. It’s all a big adventure.

If you want to hear more from John, you can also view the Steve Faulkner interview with John that is out this week. View part 1 here. Worth watching.

John Archer Promo

Britain's Got Talent Clip

Britain's Got Talent Semi-Finalist 2019

'The first man to fool Penn and Teller' (There are loads of them now)

'The Magic Circle Stage Magician of The Year'  - 2008/2009

"Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star"

And..... "Possibly the best comedy magician in his house"


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