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Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png
Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png

Kevin Quantum

On social media Kevin wrote recently:


Tickets are now on sale for my new production “Edinburgh Magic” in partnership with Waldorf Astoria Hotel - The Caledonian.

Join me and an audience of no more than 30 people, in the stunning Versailles Suite, for a for an evening of enchantment as I fuse magic that has fooled some of the greatest minds ever associated with Edinburgh and Scotland, with my own modern magic inventions!

Connect with current and historical characters in a way you may never have done before; though the shared experience of wonder. And have a classy night out. You deserve it!

Dress to impress. VIP tickets available! Dates: 22, 29 Oct & 12, 91, 26 Nov


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