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Last Chance To Book Extasensory Deceptions - Online Charity Show With Christopher Howell

Christopher Howell, who is a member of the magic circle is advertising the last available show dates to support the charity Breathe Arts Health Research.

The last two shows are on Saturday the 7th of November at 1930 GMT and 2100 GMT.

Please see details below for the official write up about the event(s) on eventbrite. You can book here.

Tickets are free but as a charity event, donations are requested after the show.

Extra information is at the bottom of this page.

For more about the charity, details here.

EXTRASENSORY DECEPTIONS: Interactive Zoom magic show by Magic Circle magician Christopher Howell.

Grab the front seat and belt up for an online experience of magical extrasensory connections! Join Magic Circle magician Christopher Howell who will perform his interactive magic show on Zoom to fundraise for Breathe Magic. It's an unexpected journey full of magic and wonder from the comfort of your home. HOW TO WATCH? To participate in this event, you must download Zoom (free download available here.) You will receive your link to attend the show by email one hour before showtime. VIEWERS PER TICKET: Please book one ticket per device/Zoom account and do not share your link. Maximum recommended two people per device / Zoom account. Links to your show will be sent the day of. SUITABLE FOR? The show is 'family safe' however only over-15s may participate. Any child watching should be accompanied by an adult. WHY IS IT FREE? As this is a fundraiser, the show is free to attend however a donation will be welcomed after the show. All proceeds are in support of the Breathe Magic programme run by Breathe Arts Health Research. Here's where you can donate. SPECIAL REQUEST: Please be considerate to others and only book tickets if you are committing to attend 100% . If your plans change, cancel your tickets with Eventbrite asap. PERFORMANCE LENGTH: 50 minutes. Read more about magician Christopher Howell. “Christopher Howell managed to read my mind from 5,000 miles away! He then proceeded to pluck an imaginary card from my hands in Las Vegas and have it manifest in his hands in London. Incredible!” -John Harrison DATES & TIMES: OCTOBER Saturday 10th 19:30 Sunday 11th 19:30 Sunday 18th 19:30 Tuesday 20th 19:30 Wednesday 21st 19:30 Friday 30th 19:30 NOVEMBER Tues 3rd 19:30 Weds 4th 19:30 Saturday 7th 19:30 Saturday 7th 21:00


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