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Lazy Sunday

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

After tinkering with the website a little today, adding some social media buttons to the home page for FaceBook and Instagram, I thought I would have a go at practicing some of my card handling again. When I can get it working, hope to also add the Facebook page social feed.

I am no magician myself, and just like to watch and follow magic. But would like to get better at handling cards. With my new mat, I have been having a bit of a practice today as well. Find it quite relaxing, especially during the working week. When wanting a quick break, good to practice card shuffling etc.

i Have some Bicycle decks that I practice with each day. Have to say that I am tempting to start collecting some cards. I like the Derren Brown and Neil Patrick Harris sets that are limited and currently available. Trouble is, when I collect things, I don't like to open them. So, if I buy them a bit later, will have to just leave on display sealed.

My daughter was excited when I mentioned to her that we have tickets again to see Magical Bones on Zoom. As I have to shield currently, it is the nearest that I can get to going to see a show. I was due to see the Pet Shop Boys yesterday, but of course that has been rescheduled for next year. Glad my Ben Hart and Derren Brown gigs have both been rescheduled.

Think most of my tickets that I have are from September and have about 10 shows booked. As to whether they happen is another matter!


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