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Leicester Magician’s Network

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The LEICESTER MAGICIAN’S NETWORK is a brand new club for fans and supporters of magic. Organising opportunities to come together, share passions and express ideas with a group of like-minded people.

The club is actively promoting membership and is already gaining a lot of interest and members since launching in the autumn of 2020.

Anyone who has a genuine interest in magic is invited to submit applications. Unlike other clubs, no formal interview process is required to join. Application forms can be downloaded from the Leicester Magician’s Network website.

The club is already advertising a full agenda of socials, workshops and pro-lectures for the next quarter. The first pro-lecture was a successful night with Wayne Goodman which was quickly followed by Vinny Sagoo.

Forthcoming events include lectures by Markl Evans. Workshops are also planned about card magic and cups and balls.

When founding THE LEICESTER MAGICIAN'S NETWORK, the philosophy was to create a modern forward-thinking Club that was not constrained by out-dated ideas or principles.

The philosophy will remain at the core of everything the club does, and a set of core values will define everything that they do.

Founding members are Adam Edgeley, Ian Gamage, Pete Whitmore and Scot Jerram.

For further details about the club, the founders, events and application process, please visit the website here. It also includes a contact page for enquiries.

A Facebook page also exists which is here. Core values of the club after the founders gallery.


● Preserve the secrecy of magical principles, sharing only with fellow magicians to ensure the artform is evolved and held for the next generation.

● Create a modern, forward-thinking community, unconstrained by out-dated ideas or principles.

● Promote a relaxed, friendly environment which allows members of all abilities to share ideas, ask questions without fear, or perform if they feel comfortable.

● Help fellow members in their pursuit of improvement.

● Ensure equality among all members.

● Be open to all those with a genuine interest in magic.

● Respect magic creators.



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