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Magic from the Twilight Lodge – Virtual Magic Show - Pay What You Can

Vincenzo Ravina has another show on Saturday the 29th of May at 8pm BST.

As via Zoom, you can watch from anywhere worldwide.

Vincenzo appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and is a regular Zoom performer.

Official write up and a video is below.

Tickets can be purchased from Eventbrite here. Ticket cost is Canadian Dollars and you pay what you can.

I have previously viewed one of Vincenzo‘s earlier Zoom shows last year and I can recommend. Review here.

Hello, my name is Vincenzo Ravina. I'm a magician and... a collector of weird stuff.

In this unusual interactive show, I'll invite you into a pocket universe and take you on a guided, interactive tour of my collection of magical artifacts. During our tour of the Twilight Lodge, we'll bestow luck to the unlucky, see what's inside the Anything Box, try to divine the future, and maybe even test out aCoincidence Machine.

Magic from the Twilight Lodge is absurd and fun and unlike other magic shows you're likely to see.

As an audience member, you'll be participating and making choices that alter the course of the experience all the way through. Tickets are per household, so bring your friends and family along!


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