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Magic Gareth - “Brain Break: On Demand”

Magic Gareth is advertising a new on demand video to support schools and organisations.

Visit his FaceBook page for more details.

“Hello UK! This is your chance to give the gift of wellbeing and magic for the Children of your school or organistion! I have constructed a fun and engaging video for your pupils and its now available to purchase for your whole school.

Brain Break, what's that?

'A brain break is just what it sounds like—a break from whatever kids are focusing on. Short brain breaks during work time have been shown to have real benefits. They reduce stress and frustration and increase attention and productivity.' - Understood

This video by Magic Gareth is a 35 minutes long magic show that includes Magic, fun and challenges for everyone to try.

What is included?

A 35 minute video to watch WHEN YOU WANT!

Tricks and challenges aplenty!

PDF with links to the specific sections of the videos

A bonus magic trick that you can learn - TAUGHT BY MAGIC GARETH!


2 lesson plans for teachers to expand on the show and help the children learn!

This is for all children! Whether at school or home-schooled - this is a chance for some light relief from the daily syllabus.”

Also available to read: Magic Gareth Show Review



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