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Magic In A Trice Online Show - Sunday The 8th Of Nov

Wayne Trice is advertising an online show for tomorrow, Sunday the 8th of November at 3pm.

A 30 minute show and ticket price including fee is just £5.50.

For booking details, please visit here. The full advertised show write up is below:

Come and be Amazed, Amused and Entertained with a Magic Show performed entirely online, from my office to your home! It will b a fully interactive show, so be prepared to keep yourselves off mute (so make sure you're somewhere quiet :-) ) and join in when asked. You'll also receive a PDF to print out so that you can join in and be part of the show :-) This is a special event, to help promote future shows, so please take pictures, join in, have fun and enjoy the magic! Remember this show is being recorded and people will be taking pictures. These will be used for future marketing purposes. If you do not wish your image to be used online, then please do not join this show - Thank you :-)


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