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Magic Seats - Highlights of 2023

It is unbelievable that the website completes another year. A year of many shows and some conventions which provided opportunities for reviews on this site.

Finally I got to go to BMC and I had an excellent time. Lots of lectures and shows that made for an unforgettable weekend. I met friends and was able to meet and chat to many for the first time. I was able to gain many selfies and signed playing cards.

Show wise, the highlight in 2023 had ro be seeing Penn & Teller live at the Hammersmith Opollo. The show was excellent and I was able to gain a selfie with Penn Juliette before the show which was an unexpected bonus.

The last highlight of the year for me was going to the one day TMC Convention which was really excellent. A well organised convention with excellent lectures which was nicely paced. I will definitely be attending this convention again in 2024 once announced.

For 2024, I have the IBM UK convention booked which I am really looking forward to. Can't wait for them to start announcing who will be appearing.

Thanks to all for following the site in 2023 and I look forward to bringing you more news and reviews in 2024. A special thanks to those who helped provide interviews this year for the site.

Happy New Year for 2024.


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