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Magic Seats - Recognition Awards 2022/23

As a fan of magic, I have lost count of how many live magic theatre shows I have watched. Since 2018, I have seen countless performers and I have enjoyed watching a lot of magic. Whether live or even Zoom during Covid, I have consumed hours of magic and written many reviews.

With the third anniversary of the Magic Seats website being achieved this month (16-May), I thought that it would be interesting and fun to create some magic categories with nominees. An opportunity to recognise all the excellent performers and shows that I have seen in the last year.

The format is three nominees for each category, no ties allowed and just my opinion for fun. Nominees will be in alphabetical order and will only feature artists/shows that I have seen perform(ed) live in 2022/33. No prizes or awards, just the recognition. The categories are:

Best Big Stage Illusion Show

Best Short 10 Minute Minute Performance

Best Theatre/Parlour Show

Best Comedy Magic Performance/Show

Best Magic Book

Best Big Stage Illusion Show

The Magic Seats award to recognise the best touring stage illusions shows.

High Jinx - (Michaal and Tamsyn Jordan)

Imagination - Jay & Joss

X-treme Magic - Richard Cadell


I absolutely loved all these three shows and would watch them all again multiple times. The shows all featuring excellent line ups with brilliant presentation. Congrats to all the nominees/performers that featured in these shows.

High Jinx is an amazing family show. Jay & Joss is fast paced and X-treme magic was full on with varied acts. All focusing on stage illusions.

My winner is High Jinx, with Michael, Tamsyn and team providing variety for all ages and lots of fun. A well rehearsed show gaining much fan fare from the audience.

Best Short 10 Minute Performance

The Magic Seats award to recognise the best short signature performance by an artist.

Eric chien

Jun Woo Park

Lea Kyle


Lea Kyle and her quick change act was amazing. A most enjoyable and fantastic experience that I have watched many times on TV, never thinking I would get to see her perform live. The biggest highlight for me in the last year and an amazing performance to see live.

To see all these international acts perform their sets was amazing. Artists who I never dreamt that I would ever see live. Eric Chien and Jun Woo Park both performed their signature pieces as well.

Best Theatre/Parlour Show

The Magic Seats award to recognise the best theatre/parlour shows.

Ben Hart - Wonder

Magical Bones - Soulful Magic

Richard Jones - Escape*


Ben's show was my clear favourite. Many original effects and set pieces created by Ben. He also enjoys performing some classics that can be forgotten and the show was incredible.

Congrats to Magical Bones and Richard Jones who also put on excellent shows.

*Richard Jones is now touring his latest show "An Evening Of Magic Tour" for 2023 currently and I cannot wait to see it.

Best Comedy Magic Performance/Show

Adam Edgeley as Rich Long at "Magic Spectacular"

John Archer at "X-treme Magic"

Romany at "BMC 2023"


This was really hard as I enjoyed all three shows. However, Romany was amazing, a superb show that I greatly enjoyed, with the opportunity to watch with many magicians in the audience. A great reaction to the show and so funny.

Congrats to Rich Long and John Archer for their entertaining performances as well.

Best Magic Book

"Becoming Better" by Chris Dugdale

"Everything" by Jamie Allan

"Mind The Maths Magic" by Vinny Sagoo/ Neo Magic


This is an amazing book, balancing biographical elements about Jamie along with revealing many stage illusions. My favourite book currently and an enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

Congrats to all nominees for the most enjoyable reads.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post, please remember it is based on the shows/books viewed/read in 2022/23.

Let me know your thoughts and tell me about your best shows in the comments.


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