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Magic Seats - Some Small Blog Changes From Nov 7th

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

When I started this site, I had no idea whether the website and blog would take off.

The whole experience has been very rewarding. It has opened up a lot of opportunities and experiences for me. Long may it continue as my passion for magic continues to grow. I have met so many like minded individuals and made many new acquaintances and friends. A fantastic and amazing hobby.

Thankfully the website has proved popular but as you would expect, some content drives more interest than others.

I invest quite a lot of time in the site and I continue to be committed to running the website and social media pages. The most popular content appears to be my reviews and any self created content like interviews, selfies with artists and collectables.

I also manage the content of a second website and blog for the Leicester Magicians Network (here) which I also enjoy running.

Some of you who follow the Magic Seats website content/site may have noticed some gradual recent changes on social media, where I am beginning to update more regularly on what I am up to. Attempting to vary content that I hope will also encourage more interaction.

While I will continue to share some upcoming show information on social media, the blog will not have daily posts from Monday the 7th of November advertising shows. It takes quite a lot of work to research the shows and it is the least read content. I also do not tend to receive many requests to advertise shows, and is perhaps too time consuming. It is not to say that I won't be advertising shows, it will just be more social media sharing and more select choices of shows on the blog that are of particular interest. That way, the time that I invest in my hobby to promote magic is better spent in a more rewarding fashion.

If anything, it should help improve the content of the blog which should become a more interesting read. I already have a few more shows coming up which should give plenty of opportunities for new content and reviews etc. So while the blog will not necessarily always have daily content, it should improve quality and ability to be more spontaneous. To advertise the shows daily, I tend to schedule the posts far in advance.

Assuring that the collectables and show reviews will always continue along with more varied blog posts, when I have something to say/share.

Thanks as always to all the sites followers. And here's to the site's next chapter!


Magic Seats


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