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Magic Singh - Live At Home Show Review (Spoiler Free)

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

The Magic Singh “Live At Home” show was advertised online for a few weeks. An intimate online show with plenty of online interaction via Zoom.

As a well known Tik Tok magician, Magic Singh has a large following. A professional who has a massive online presence and conducts Zoom performances for private and corporate events. He also works as a consultant and has his own products which include his own range of playing cards (which I hope to review soon). Magic Singh also appeared on the BBC show “School Of Hard Tricks” as a mentor.

Show tickets were available via EventBrite and emails with joining instructions were sent out prior to the show in a timely manner. Ticket cost was reasonable, as is always the case with these online shows.

I had previously seen Magic Singh perform online as part of Magical Bones‘ online show. While I have always been impressed with Magic Singh, his appearance was quite short as guesting during the Bones show. The opportunity to see a fuller performance was appealing.

My main hope was to see some fresh material and effects. Something different and unique. The bar was also now set extremely high after the online Justin Willman show I viewed at the weekend.

Did this show hit the same dizzy heights?

Well, I wasn’t disappointed, and I was impressed. A lot of online shows tend to have a lot of the same magic and effects. But Magic Singh kept everything fresh. Lots of different tricks and when doing certain more well known routines, he put his own spin on it.

The show lasted about 50 minutes and was really good value. I got lots of opportunities to take part in the show and chat to Magic Singh. Being a fan of most magicians, this was of course a highlight for me. He has a good manner with his audience and you feel comfortable interacting as he communicates well. His style is light and he is good humoured.

Magic Singh controlled the audience well making sure that mute was used effectively. This good control always helps as makes it easier to follow and hear the show.

Some of the audience members who had cameras switched off were still given the opportunity to participate as well, being invited to turn on their cameras. Personally, if you are going on a Zoom interactive show, I think it is good to participate. When would you get the opportunity to talk to these performers otherwise. Making the show more memorable for you.

Show content of course included card magic, mentalism and some of his Tik Tok magic. About 14 or so tricks carried out in total. Really impressive and well planned. A fast paced show.

An excellent Zoom show that I would have to recommend. If Magic Singh advertises more shows, buy a ticket if you missed this show. Hopefully, the future will include shows at weekends and perhaps at a slightly earlier time. I think a lot of younger children would be amazed with a lot of the act.

If you want to know more about Magic Singh and book him, he can be contacted via his site.

The show that I reviewed took place at 8pm on the 15th of September.



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