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MagicFest 2020 - Mini Show Review 4 “Magic Gareth - Higilty Pigilty”

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Magic Seats is bringing you a series of mini reviews this week. This being the fourth in the series!

This performance was called “Higilty Pigilty” with Magic Gareth. Which took place today at 1400 GMT (Sat 19th).

As a children’s entertainer, I was not familiar with "Magic Gareth" or his work. However, I was interested to see a children’s magic show as I have not seen one in a while!

For more information about Gareth and his services, visit his site here.

While waiting for the show to start, a graphic encouraged all to have their camera on and participate. A reminder to audiences to "mute" is also always a good sign.

The audience was mixed with perhaps more adults attending than children. This will be due to the fact that the performance forms part of MagicFest 2020, with some true magic fans in attendance who still appreciated the act and used their festival pass.

About 25 screens were viewing with 30+ audience members. Approximately 10 in the audience were children who all appeared to be enjoying themselves.

As a family show, I am sure that Gareth is used to entertaining many adults as well as children. He is versatile and effectively manages the whole audience in a skillful manner.

The show used video, music and green screen. Sound and management of the audience was excellent and Gareth is truly skilled in what he does.

The entertainment consisted of card magic, singing, balloon modelling, jokes, and even competitions. Lots of variety over a 40 minute show.

A very energetic performance by Gareth and in his own words, advised the adults in the audience to put themselves in their child state of mind for the show. I think we achieved that!

I was really impressed with this show as building interaction with any audience can be difficult, but Gareth engaged with all and kept high levels of energy.

The adults and children all had fun and Gareth must get exhausted with the fast pace that he delivers the material. He is like a Mad Hatter (in a nice way) combined with Dr Seuss.

Age group wise, the act is advertised of course for children and when you check out Gareth's website, he has lots of packages and various options for shows. And of course, entertainment for parties, schools and Christmas etc. Visit his site here.

The great thing about MagicFest 2020 is the variety of performances throughout the week. Without such a festival, you may not normally get the opportunity to see Magic Gareth unless you have children wishing to watch.

If you do have children and are looking for children's entertainment, you can’t go wrong with this show.

Thank you Gareth. An excellent show that has to be recommended.


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