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MagicFest 2020 - Mini Show Review 7 “Gary James”

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Magic Seats is bringing you a series of mini reviews this week.

MagicFest 2020 is now virtual with daily zoom shows over 5 days from Wednesday the 16th of December. Today is the last day.

The seventh show this week was “Magic School Workshop” with Gary James. This also happened to be the last Zoom show of the week, with the next and last performance this evening taking place by phone!

This performance took place at 1500 GMT on the 20/12.

The workshop is of course aimed at children but the audience was mixed with adults also in attendance who joined in And had fun.

Gary has a great way with the audience and showed everyone some simple magic.

Prior to the workshop, an email with joining instructions included a list of simple props to have at hand. Props needed included packs of cards, string, electric bands and sandwich bags etc. All simple items everyone has around their house.

To prepare the audience, a video was also sent to all prior to the show start. A great idea and it highlighted the level of detail that Gary puts into his performances to make sure that they are a success.

About 20 screens were viewing the show and at least 10 children taking part.

The show was interactive with Gary giving children feedback and getting some to join him for a chat. He regular acknowledges the audience and recognises their progress when they are doing well.

The workshop was very well planned and simple enough for everyone to join in. Instruction was very clear. Great to see the festival showcasing children's entertainers.

Gary packed in loads of tricks during the 50 minute performance and talked all through how to perform magic. He also gave extra performance advice and how to link various tricks together smoothly.

An impressive show that will keep all children and even adults entertained who wish to learn magic.

He mentions his magic school during the performance. If interested and you want to

know more about Gary and his services, take a look at his site here for bookings.

Thanks again to Gary and MagicFest 2020.


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