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MagicFest 2020 - Mini Show Review 6 “Tricky Ricky”

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Magic Seats is bringing you a series of mini reviews this week.

MagicFest 2020 is now virtual with daily zoom shows over 5 days from Wednesday the 16th of December.

Today is the last day and the sixth show this week was called “Tinseltown Tricks” with Tricky Ricky. Taking place at 1300 GMT (20/12).

A Christmas kids show for children with lots of variety and entertainment. Specially scripted for the festive season.

A small technical issue with Zoom login details did not stop the fun. To be fair, the issue was dealt with promptly and emails sent quickly to ticket holders with details to join and rectify the issue.

The team at MagicFest 2020 have done a brilliant job all week with the organisation and entertainment.

About 25 screens joined Ricky for the 30 minute show that included magic for kids, puppets, singing and jokes. Good to see many children and adults enjoying themselves.

Ricky is professional artist who despite the technical issues, was able to confidently perform and gain the attention of all the audience. He dealt with the situation well and just carried on once all audience members had joined.

Tricky Ricky has much experience as a children’s entertainer. Very engaging, a nice manner and great presence on screen. Cool jacket as well!

His puppet friends joined him for the performance and gained lots of laughs. Impressive looking puppets.

The technical quality of the stream was excellent as usual. Cannot be faulted.

For details about Tricky Ricky’s services, take a look at his Facebook page here. A website also exists but appears to be under construction, currently found here.

Thank you Tricky Ricky and MagicFest 2020.


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