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Magician of the Week - Ben Hanlin

Ben is a favourite magician of mine. Hence choosing him to profile first. I would hold Ben responsible for capturing my attention and passion for magic again in recent years.

His TV show on ITV “Tricked” is definitely responsible for re-igniting my interest in magic.

The “Tricked” show consisted of amazing magic, old and new tricks and captured my imagination with Ben’s humour and skilled performances.

I was able to meet Ben briefly when he was running a workshop in Corby to test out some of his magic. A very entertaining magician who now gains a lot of TV time in the UK.

He tours most years and here is hoping some new dates are announced soon.

Ben Hanlin Profile:


Ben Hanlin is the star of his award winning ITV2 shows ‘Tricked’ and “Ben Hanlin’s Live & Deadly: Drowned”. He has made a name for himself by tricking unsuspecting members of the public and shocking celebrities with his own special brand of cheeky magic, close-up conjuring and mind games Candid Camera-style.

Ben has starred in the world’s best-selling touring show ‘The Illusionists’ and recently appeared on ITV1’s ‘Live at the Palladium’.

He became an overnight sensation debuting his incredible tricks as Magic Boy on You Tube, Ben has over 900,000 views on You Tube!

Ben has performed tricks on celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Sharon Osbourne, Anthony Joshua, Gary Barlow Ben hails from Birmingham and over the last ten years he has been performing his sleight of hand and stage magic at events all over the UK and the world.

Ben has performed at all sorts of functions from close up intimate shows to large scale stage tricks and illusions. His warm, cheeky style makes him an instant hit wherever he performs!

Ben’s big break came from YouTube. In 2010 Ben used social media to “stalk” celebrities, doorstep them and perform magic. This crazy journey resulted in him performing tricks through Michael McIntyre’s car window, in David Hasselhoff’s dressing room and eventually Ben headed to Hollywood to perform to Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino and Mickey Rourke.This different approach to magic caught the attention of television executives…

Since then Ben has written and starred in his own TV show, Tricked and feature in many other TV productions. He has also hosted his own radio show on Capital FM and been involved in many live theatre productions.





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