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Magician of the Week - Dynamo

As an individual who has battled a recent illness, I can relate to some of Dynamo‘s experiences.

Dynamo’s latest series on Sky documents his battle with crohns disease over the last few years and his determination to overcome it.

Being such a famous magician, he needs no introduction and while I have personally followed some of his career, and of course his magic is amazing, his personal story proved just as interesting. If you haven’t watched Dynamo: Beyond Belief, it is worth a watch. While not full of some of the large set piece magic we have been used to in the past, the Mexican wall illusion in the last episode needs a watch.

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Steven Frayne aka Dynamo emerged into the UK's magic scene in 2004 after moving to London to pursue the creation of the first ever magic 'mixtape'. Performing his magic on the streets of London - Dynamo's fan base exploded as he fast became the hottest performer on the party circuit; amazing A-Listers whilst continuing to grow his online fan base via YouTube.





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