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Magician of the Week - Lxke Trix

This week our Magician of the Week is Lxke Trix (aka Luke Baker). A professional performer who offers a wide range of services that includes live performances, Zoom magic, original effects and his own magic retail site Magic Hut.

Lxke regularly tours and he has a tour planned for Feb 2021.

His 2020 tour of course had to be rescheduled. However, that hasn’t stopped him organising socially distanced magic shows during the Summer. He has also been adding shows for October and December this year.

For anyone interested in magic, you need to check out his Magic Hut shop. Selling professional magic props, effects, children’s magic and opportunities to book magic coaching and online shows via Zoom.

Social media links follow at end of profile.



LXKE TRIX is a mind reader, magician, psychic entertainer and stand up comedian that performs at all sorts of events and occasions all around the UK. His unique performance style and personality captivates audiences, leaving them speechless and amazed.

Over the time LXKE TRIX has been a performer, he has had the pleasure of blowing the minds of THOUSANDS of amazing people and even some celebrities.

He has predicted the future multiple times including predicting who would win the TV show X Factor, predicting when celebs would pass away and even how many deaths there would be on a day in covid-19 two whole years before that day.

LXKE TRIX can cater for all so don't hesitate to book him for your event or occasion!








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