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Magician of the Week - Mandy Muden

Mandy is our magician of the week as she is one of our favourites. As a comedy magician, Mandy’s magic is entertaining, first class and performed with great humour.

If you haven’t checked out Mandy’s act, use the links below to search for Mandy. You can also watch her videos on You Tube.

To date, I haven’t been able to see Mandy perform live yet but hope to do so soon. When I had tickets to see her last year, I had to cancel due to ill health at the time. Mandy sent a get well soon video which was kind of her and I still have that. Brilliant video which still puts a smile on my face.

Mandy is a hard working magician, who often tours comedy clubs etc. She is also an actress appearing in pantomime and TV. She hosts many corporate functions and is in constant demand, appearing on Britain’s got Talent a few years back.

Her humour is cheeky and she is very funny. I had the opportunity to interview her a couple of months ago and the article was one of the sites most popular pages to date. Check out the interview here if you haven’t read it already.

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Mandy is the only woman ever to combine Comedy and Magic on the UK Comedy and Corporate circuits and has been awarded The Magic Circle Carlton Award for Comedy in Magic.

She has a striking personality with a razor sharp wit and so creates a fantastic rapport, offering a great line in audience participation. She can adapt her show to any type of event and audience from an intimate gathering to a massive auditorium. Having performed all over the world from Comedy Clubs to Buckingham Palace. Visit her website.




No you tube channel. Instagram:



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