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Magician of the Week - Marvin Berglas

For the time being, this will be the last of this current series of Magician of the Week.... featuring Marvin Berglas.

After running this series for four months, it feels time to rest it for the time being.

Look out for other content soon that includes a new set of collectables pages and a couple of new high profile interviews.

Most of us have heard of Marvins Magic, famous for their magic sets and tricks. For anyone familiar with Hamley’s toy store in London, they always have a presence selling their products and always demonstrating. And of course they are online.

The man behind the company is Magic Circle magician Marvin Berglas. Son of David Berglas. The company that is responsible for helping many find their way in magic as a child.

This week we take a look at his profile and lots of social media links follow at end of this piece for Marvin and Marvin’s Magic.

Having recently purchased a couple of his products, I didn’t know much about the man himself, hence wanting to discover a bit more.

One of my recent purchases included a signed certificate from Marvin himself which was a bit of a bonus.

Profile: Marvin Berglas is an award winning magician and entrepreneur.

He is the founder and creator of Marvin’s Magic who’s tricks and sets can be found in top stores in over 60 countries worldwide. These include Hamleys and Harrods in London and FAO Schwarz in New York.

  • Marvin received the Outstanding Contribution to Magic award from the British Magical Society in 2014/15.

  • He was awarded the coveted Outstanding Contribution Award in the British Toy and Hobby Industry in 2015/16.

  • Marvin is a member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star – their top accolade.

  • His Marvin’s iMagic received the Gold Medal as winner of Toy of the Year in the electronic games category of the Independent Toy Awards.

  • In 2016 Marvin was awarded The Maskelyne Award from The Magic Circle for services to magic.

  • During 2017, 2018 and 2019 Marvin was the Vice-President of The Magic Circle

As a performer he is much in demand, particularly on the celebrity circuit and was the first resident magician in the Premier League at Arsenal Football Club – since 1993.

As an industry leader, Marvin & Marvin’s Magic continue to attract regular multi media attention, with impressive social media, radio and television coverage as well as trade and national press on both sides of the Atlantic.

He has inspired literally millions of young magicians and has made a significant mark in world magic.

He comes from one of the most famous and respected families in magic as his father David Berglas was the first TV magician and President of the Magic Circle. Marvin with his father were guest artists and lecturers at both The World Magic Congress and the prestigious Essential Magic Conferences for the leaders in world magic.






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