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Having enjoyed magic for a lifetime, I rediscovered my passion and interest in magic a few years ago. Like most, I was into magic as a kid and was given magic tricks for Christmas and Birthdays. I remember having a top hat and quite a few Paul Daniels magic tricks that I would buy with pocket money care of Mum and Dad.

In the last few years, lessons in life taught me that you must make the most of opportunities while you can and follow your passions. The opportunity to see many performers live has been amazing. I do not perform magic myself as I do not want to spoil the illusion and know how tricks are performed. I am happy to just learn the odd card trick.

Having seen a lot of magic now performed live, I know that a lot of what you see on TV is not camera trickery. Magic is real! The skill of magicians is amazing.

One way that I can of course invest time in my hobby and enjoyment of magic, particularly during lockdown has been creating this website. I am attempting to grow the site and add content while promoting it.

Any ideas that you have will be appreciated. If you also have the capability to promote this site or mention it in anyway, that would also be appreciated. I would be also be happy to return the favor.

I have a Facebook page (below) and Instagram feed. If you like what you see, please tell others and share.

Comments always appreciated to blog posts. Also, please check out the other areas of this website. Please bookmark and come back.


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