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Mandy Muden Interview

Updated: Mar 28

As a fan of magic, I was so excited when Mandy got in touch and accepted my invite to interview her.

I love the energy of her performances with how she combines comedy and magic.

As an established artist it was a real pleasure to hear from her. Here is our conversation below:

Magic Seats - How are you Mandy and how have you kept busy over the last few months during lockdown?

Mandy - I’ve been great but totally lazy and have hidden from the outside world. I didn’t realise how burnt out I was until the lockdown. I have managed to reorganise my magic room, had a lovely rest and now I’m into work mode…finally.

Magic Seats - That's good to hear that you have had a chance to have a rest as I know that you are always touring with your show. The reorganisation of the magic room sounds good. While doing that, did you have to make any decisions how to adapt to the business challenges of lockdown while continuing to work as a magician?

Mandy - Not at all. I am now starting to panic. I have done a couple of Zoom shows but that has been it. I have also reworked my acts so I can perform them anywhere without people.

Magic Seats - That sounds like quite a bit of work reworking your acts. The fact that you have completed Zoom shows sounds interesting. I know that a lot of artists are beginning to embrace technology for interactive live performances.

Mandy - I wish I could do it, I am useless at it.

Magic Seats - That's great that you have done some Zoom shows though. What have the reactions and feedback been like from audiences online?

Mandy - Lovely but it is just not the same as a live audience.

Magic Seats - I can understand that and it must be so different. With social distancing and lockdown, how do you plan to adapt?

Mandy - I have already adapted my show for social distancing.

Magic Seats - Sounds like you have been busier than you realised during lockdown! What advice would you give anyone wishing to get into performing magic as either a hobby or professionally?

Mandy - Do it. It will be the best decision you ever make.

Magic Seats - That's good to hear. Sounds like you really enjoy performing live. So what does the future hold for you? Any exciting plans that you can share?

Mandy - I have no idea. Everyday I see work being cancelled. I am supposed to be doing panto but not sure if that will go ahead. I am now writing away…incase.

Magic Seats - Thanks Mandy for your time having a chat with us and good luck with all your future plans. Hopefully the Christmas Pantos season will work out for you. Keep us all posted!


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