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Matt Pritchard - Online Perspectricks

A new show is advertised for Saturday the 7th of November at 10am. Tickets are free and further shows are also advertised.

Science Magician Dr Matt Pritchard is a Curator of Wonder. His shows bring gasps of amazement, thought provoking ideas and memorable teaching. He inspires audiences to both enlarge their thinking and their dreams.

"A glorious blend of showmanship and science."

"He enthused, motivated and inspired every child in the school." Primary School, Cambridgeshire

For more details about Matt, view his website here.

Please see eventbrite for bookings here and further details are below:

Join Matt Pritchard

Science Magician, Matt Pritchard, will be sharing a host of amazing optical illusions, impossibilities, and ambiguous objects that he has made using household objects. Join him for this session where he will demonstrate the tricks and then explain the science behind them. Then you can go away equipped to make your own magic.



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