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Mini Review: Mandy Muden At The Wycliffe Rooms - Lutterworth

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Last night (29th Aug) I had the opportunity to watch Mandy Muden perform live for the first time.

I was originally due to see Mandy a couple of years ago on her solo tour. At the time, I had to cancel unexpectedly and what with lock-down, I have had to wait longer than expected to see her perform.

A bonus on the night was actually getting to meet Mandy by accident before the show. While in the foyer, my wife Nadine and I were able to have a chat with her for a few minutes.

Mandy has kindly helped the site in the past, providing its very first interview last year. Good to hear that she has been so busy performing of late after the end of lockdown.

I do love to collect selfies with magicians and this was certainly a highlight to grab a pic with Mandy which came out really well. A fantastic addition to my selfie collection.

The event was a comedy night and we didn’t have long to wait to see Mandy on stage. She was up first and was on for a good 30 minutes.

Mandy was very interactive and extremely funny, going down well with the crowd. A lucky but confident audience member was requested to join her on stage for some magic.

A very interactive set with Mandy on form with her jokes and her magic, which includes some amazing mentalism. She was also able to work in a few opportunities with late comers and draw them into the show.

If you haven’t seen Mandy perform, some of her YouTube videos will give you a good idea of what to expect. Particularly the Britain’s Got Talent videos.

Ticket prices were really reasonable and we bought via Eventbrite. A nice little small venue with friendly staff. So while we were at the back of the room, we were still up quite close to the stage.

If you wish to see Mandy perform, she is a regular performer at clubs. Keep an eye on this site as I do promote her advertised gigs. Sites like ent24 are also worth monitoring as they list her appearances.

Thanks to Mandy and the Wycliffe Rooms in Lutterworth for a fantastic show.


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