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Mini Review of Kane & Abel: “100 Years Of Magic” Free Workshop

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Kane & Abel were running a new magic workshop that had been advertised on their FaceBook page and eventbrite.

This new workshop took place on Saturday the 14th of November at 3pm GMT. Called “100 Years Of Magic”. An interactive show via YouTube with a messaging system to allow feedback and questions.

This advertised show was in addition to the free "Split Egg" magic show that they have also been running in November (that I have previously posted and reviewed).

Prior to the show, joining instructions were received by email. A deck of playing cards with a picture of Kane & Abel was also sent to those who had registered early for the workshop.

The workshop was scheduled to last one hour and proved popular with about 30 screens viewing.

Once signed in to the stream, a "100 years of Magic" graphic counted down the time to the show start. A great graphic made up of historic magic posters and icons.

Technically, everything ran smoothly and any streaming issue tended to be more local issues for individual users.

The show itself was part magic show, part workshop and lecture. Comprising of historic facts along with instruction about forces, french drops and even magicians eggs!

It was quite a revealing workshop to inspire all ages while Kane & Abel worked through some of their favorite tricks of all time. Most tricks were reliant on playing cards.

References to other acts like Penn & Teller were made throughout the show and additional live footage and promos were also played.

At the end of the show, Kane & Abel gave the audience an opportunity to ask questions which was a good opportunity to have a chat.

The official website is at

An excellent show that was well planned.

Official workshop write up as advertised prior to the show being run is below.

Be prepared to become the next great illusionist as Kane & Abel teach the secrets behind tricks for you to learn at home.

About this Event

Join comedy magic duo Kane & Abel as they take you on a journey of the past 100 years of magic and teach you some of the tricks of the trade along the way.

The twin brother magicians grew up learning stories of famous magicians, from ground-breaking inventions to death-defying and hilarious anecdotes in between.

In this workshop, they will present magic inspired by the stories. Be prepared to become the next great illusionist as Kane & Abel teach the secrets and handling behind these tricks for the viewer at home to learn. This workshop will be live streamed from an empty theatre.

People will be able to interact with Kane & Abel via a messaging system to create a one-off and original digital experience.

Suitable for anyone who loves magic (minimum suggested age 8yrs).


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