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More Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Just saw the Penn & Teller Facebook page advertise more new episodes from Tuesday, to stream on the CW network in the US.

I wish that a broadcaster or streaming company would show this series in the UK.

It actually started as a UK TV show. Was axed and then saved by the CW network.

For some reason, we can only stream the first two series on Netflix. So we have to just watch via YouTube Clips.

Hopefully one day, Sky, Netflix or another UK broadcaster will start showing the newer series. I live in hope.

Strangely, no one broadcasts Masters of Illusion either. And you cannot purchase either show outright on iTunes etc. I really do believe that these shows would be popular in the UK.

If anyone can tell me how I can watch the complete episodes for these shows in the UK, please let me know!


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