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Vlog 1 - My Latest Collectable Cards

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

With an interest in magic and cardistry, you can’t help but want to buy and collect cards. For my part, while I am happy to use red and blue Bicycle cards to practice, you have to appreciate some of the more collectible and special decks on the market.

As a Star Wars fan, I could not help but buy the two new light and dark side decks by Theory 11. The boxes look amazing. The question is, do I open them?

Also for father day this past week, my daughter bought me the Neil Patrick Harris deck. Great present and so good I have had to order a second deck. I just had to open the cards and try and resolve the puzzle that is on them!

I already have my eye on quite a few decks that I want to buy in the future so I think this new hobby could get expensive. I’ve ordered the Derren Brown deck and will look forward to that arriving. Will show you some pics once I have it.

Kickstarter is also proving interesting with some collectible decks. Almost too many on sale! To date, I have another 4 different decks that I have ordered. However, as Kickstarter, I will have quite a wait for some of them to be delivered.

In case you missed it at the weekend, my video review of the Neil Patrick Harris cards is also below.