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My Week In Magic - Magic Seats 2 Year Anniversary

When lockdown started in 2020, I had no idea at the beginning that I would be creating a website.

I already had an interest in magic and prior to lockdown, I had enjoyed live magic in theatres.

As zoom shows were beginning to be advertised online in the spring/early Summer of 2020, I thought it would be a good ideas to promote and review Zoom magic shows. The intention was also to promote live theatre shows that would be starting again very soon!

By the May 2020, I had launched the Magic Seats website and that was now 2 years ago. Initial construction of the site took a couple of weeks. The first Zoom show that I reviewed was a Magical Bones show I participated in online.

While I had intentions for the site to be a permanent ongoing project, it’s still an accomplishment that the site is going from strength to strength two years later. Many will have thought it would be a flash in the pan. I possibly wondered myself how long it would last and how long I would want to keep running the pages.

The daily blog, which promoted the live shows launched from the very beginning on a daily basis is still happening. In this time, the site has posted nearly 1000 blog posts. 912 to be exact with many promoting artists and their shows.

Over time, we have added more content, expanded what we review and added interviews to the site.

Creating the content can take a long time, particularly the interviews. However, they remain popular. The first interview being with Mandy Muden and the most recent with Shae Gathercole. Many famous magicians have participated with 24 interviews to date. As time has gone on, I would like to think the interviews and the presentation of them has massively improved. Some of the early interviews were a standard interview set of questions before it became more tailored, dependant on who agreed to be interviewed.

The reviews have covered live theatre shows, books and magic sets. I am also in the process of writing a new effect review (see below). To date, the reviews now total about 50 articles.

My week in magic Sunday posts started a little later after the site launch. These posts have evolved overtime and are currently focused on a theme each week. The main objective being that I add fresh content to the site every week. it is quite enjoyable to write this weekly content

One of the largest additions to the site was the collectables section that was launched early in 2021. This section now comprises some 200 items which I continue to add to. Mainly signed magical items that include posters, photos, books and other items. I am quite proud of those pages.

As well as the content growing, the site has had small refreshes of the logo and look over the last two years. Also introducing promo pages to promote artists. The most recent site refresh was at the end of last month, ready to celebrate 2 years of the site. A total new look that I hope that you like.

I would of course not been able to run the site without the help of so many providing interviews and news and support. Thanks to all who have contributed and of course the readers.

As for the future, I will continue to review what works for the website and I always look to add new content. The collectables section will definitely keep expanding as I find it most interesting to collect. Though it is becoming harder to find items that I want to add to my collection.

Thanks again to all for visiting this site and here is to many more years of Magic Seats. Please keep visiting as it is what partly drives me to keep going along with my own interest in magic. Please remember if you would like a show or magic related article featured, do let me know. As always, this site is run as a hobby, so self funded with no advertising. Promotion of artists is free.

Happy 2 year anniversary Magic Seats! Est. 16-May 2020.

Have a good rest of weekend.




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