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My Week In Magic - Update 10

My highlight of the week had to be Tuesday evening. I was able to join the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) for the first time for a social on Zoom. A great bunch of magicians and I am looking forward to all the opportunities that being part of the group will bring.

I also discovered through the club that Saturn Magic is near where I live. That in itself was pretty exciting as I wasn’t aware of such a decent online/shop quite so near me. Have of course already completed a small shop and have seen lots of things that I will buy in future. Prices seem reasonable and I was able to pick up a book for £8 that was about £20 elsewhere.

Following the social on Tuesday, I was also able to join an online show by Philadelphia Magician Ran’D Shine. An excellent show which I also reviewed and posted my thoughts on the blog.

Yesterday, I joined the Justin Willman online show for Halloween. I have of course written a review and I enjoyed the Zoom show very much with my family. We have seen him before, so we knew the show would be good.

My online show with Ben Hanlin that was due to take place midweek was postponed but I have a new date for the show on Wednesday the 4th of November. Looking forward to it and I have been lucky to see Ben perform live before in Corby.

TV wise I am watching the old Dynamo series Magician Impossible. I have seen the show a long time ago and I am watching again. Great to revisit the show as it was a ground breaking show at the time.

I continue to read and work through some of the magic tricks in the Chris Cross book, The Georgie Book of Magic. I have also ordered a couple of books recommended by LMN.

Social media continues to be a big part of my journey, watching videos and following artists. I continue to discover new artists to follow which helps with gathering of info to share about shows on my site.

Thank you to all those who continue to help this site grow and for all your support. I hope the site will continue contributing within the community, supporting and promoting this artform.

One surprise this week was the offer to write and review a product for an established TV and Theatre magician who has a worldwide audience and fanbase. More to follow on that one as things develop.

Lastly, website wise I am working on a new interview with Lxke Trix which I hope to publish soon (maybe tomorrow). I am also talking to another professional about their corporate zoom shows and I hope to have an interview with them as well.

I have also added more artists during the week to my A to Z listing on the website. The promo page was also updated.

A busy week, all things considered. Next week I have a couple more online shows. Hopefully, I will also get to practice my cards and I also have a lecture with Wayne Goodman that I am attending. If your interested, please visit the Leicester Magicians Network for details. £10 or £5 for LMN members. Will keep you posted.



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