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My Week In Magic - Update 11

I started off the week by completing my new interview with Lxke Trix and posting it on the site. The interviews always prove to be popular posts and it has already gained a lot of views. A good reaction to the post and a big thank you to Lxke Trix.

Lxke Trix

I’ve also completed a new interview with Alan Hudson. I enjoyed doing the research while preparing the questions for Alan. Some great answers and this new interview will be out tomorrow (Monday the 9th). An interesting insight into his success.

Tuesday was also an opportunity to join my first pro lecture as part of the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN). They hosted the lecture with Wayne Goodman. It was a popular meeting and lasted a couple of hours. Was great to see everyone on Zoom and it will hopefully generate new membership interest for the LMN.

Wayne was great to listen to and watch perform. The lecture was amazing and if you get the chance to see him, book. I look forward to the many events that LMN have already arranged.

Sticking with Zoom, I had one dispointment with a show that I was unable to join due to language issues with the user interface. While using a user interface for a booking system, the menu system converted to another language though the show was advertised in English. Shame, as I am sure that it would have been a good show and an opportunity for a new review.

I viewed the Ben Hanlin online show “Shazoom” on Wednesday. See the separate review for more about that which was posted on the blog the same day. An enjoyable show.

Ben Hanlin

Yesterday, I attended the Kane and Abel: Spilt Egg online show. I am currently writing the review that should be out on Tuesday. A very enjoyable show that left me impressed.

As I was off on leave this week, I had an opportunity to carry out some website changes. I enhanced the homepage which will hopefully make it better when adapting to different browsers and screen sizes for desktops and mobiles. I also updated the reviews and interview pages to make it easier for site visitors. The promo page was also updated and a lick of paint applied to the blog. Slightly new colour scheme.

Collection wise, I received my new signed Richard Jones posters and a note that accompanied them. Great collectibles.

My magicians rope for a future workshop that I am attending also arrived. Having a go at professors nightmare at present. Starting off with the basics. A couple of other new books also arrived as well.

I also had the chance to revisit some Steve Faulkner videos online which always helps with my card handling. I also viewed some of the beginner card tricks he has posted as well. Excellent course.

Richard Jones Signed Posters
A couple of new books for my collection

Lastly, I have started some research on a new book that I have been asked to read and review once received. A new opportunity for me and the site and I will tell you more about that as I read the book. An exciting opportunity with a well known internationally recognised magician.

I have a few online shows next week which will keep me busy with future reviews.

Have a good week.



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