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My Week In Magic - Update 12

With a demanding job that takes up a lot of my time, I had less time for my hobby this week. Nightmare!

My Alan Hudson interview was posted on Monday on the blog. Good feedback and lots of views for this post. Thanks again to Alan for answering my questions.

Collection wise, my new signed Ben Hanlin poster arrived. As I like to collect signed posters and most are A3 in size, I ordered a folder with pocket pages to display and look after the posters. Other signed collectibles such as notes and signed cards can also placed in the folder so that everything is organised together and looked after. It looks really smart and hopefully will keep collectibles looking good.

Show wise, I attended the latest Harris Fellman online show. He has a monthly show and always mixes up his tricks every month and performs different things. However, as I have recently reviewed Harris, I did not write a review on this occasion.

One performer that I did write a new review for was Wayne Trice. Though I had previously reviewed Wayne some time ago, a new opportunity arose. I was pleased to be able to attend and do a review. A brilliant show.

To finish the working week on Friday, I attended the Time Machine cafe: The Golden Age of Magic. This was a free event. Famous magicians of the last 100 years that particularly focused on the 1920s A narration with a slide show of posters and excerpts from books.

Sticking to the theme of the history of magic, yesterday I attended a 100 years of magic workshop with Kane & Abel. They even posted playing cards to all attendees to help with the workshop.

My new membership pack for the Leicester Magicians Network also arrived. My new membership card and a few other secret goodies. We also had a social on the Wednesday via Zoom which was most enjoyable. I gain a lot from these sessions, helping my learning and recommendations.

During the week, I continued to practice with rope, working through some of my books. A little bit of time to practice with playing cards as well.

Using rope was quite satisfying, while following instruction from the book “Self-working Rope Magic” by Karl Fulves. Looking forward to a ropeology lecture that I am attending next week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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