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My Week In Magic - Update 14

A relatively quiet week. This week I attended a Leicester Magician’s Network social on the Tuesday via Zoom.

Members showed their collections of magic. A really interesting evening with many books on show and other collectibles which included playing cards, favourite tricks and unique collectibles.

My collection of magical related items is relatively small Some signed posters and books at most along with some playing cards.

Will be great once I can meet all the members in person and we can have proper socials.

Unusually, no Zoom shows booked for me this week. But it is also good to have a break sometimes as you end up enjoying the shows more that way. Will help me look forward to all nine Zoom shows in December that I am attending.

To get a magic fix, I watched the new Joel M show called “Life is Magic”. A young magician from Ireland who is into mentalism, or at least he was in the first episode. Can be found on the BBC iplayer. An interesting watch and I was impressed. Reminded my a little of Derren Brown Though the episode was a little slow.

Book wise, I also started looking at the e-book 50 Secrets which was a free download. A free gift with a subscription to MagicSeen that my sister bought me for Christmas. Looking forward to getting the first edition to read.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I hope that you have a good week.


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