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My Week In Magic - Update 15

I attended another successful pro lecture this week on Tuesday. Vinny Sagoo (Neo Magic), who is also a member of the Leicester Magicians Network spoke to us.

A really interesting lecture with Vinny working through his original effects and giving opportunities to ask lots of questions.

I was really impressed and couldn’t help buying some of the effects. Looking forward to receiving them and practising. I bought mystify, Bucket List, Chance and Connected. Will let you know how I get on once received.

TV wise, I continued to watch the Joel M show “Life is Magic” which I downloaded from BBC/Sky. An enjoyable show and I have finished episode 3 now. I think that maybe the last episode.

Joel M

I also started to read my paper copy of MagicSeen that arrived. A good article about online magic shops and a separate article on NeoMagic.

Card wise, a new KickStarter deck arrived that I bought ages ago. Forgot I had ordered it and it is called the undressed deck. I may open this one as it has potential to use in interesting ways.

Later in the week, I was supposed to attend a Zoom show on the Thursday that was free and advertised as a virtual magician. Work has been so manic, had to skip it unfortunately.

Hope your having a relaxing weekend. Enjoy what’s left and have a good week.



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