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My Week In Magic - Update 16

A very quiet week as far as any shows but some opportunities to actually practice performing magic for once.

My expected order from Neo Magic arrived on Tuesday. Really well packaged and the tricks/effects were presented with great instruction booklets and supporting videos.

I have already started to learn and practice with these new purchases. Still being new to card handling, I am practicing one move in particular that needs a lot of work to pull off one of the routines. I'm gradually getting better but results are a little bit hit and miss. Don't want to elaborate any more about that part on the blog though - shhhh!

Thanks to Scot Jerram, who has provided some instruction videos for me today to help with my card handling. Two really useful videos.

Yesterday morning (Sat), I managed to get a good 90 minutes working the cards which was enjoyable. And I managed about 30 minutes today.

So that I can practice the routine I wish to learn, I have started to write a small script that I can also follow. Using a script makes it a little easier for me. I will just keep practicing and I am sure it will gradually start to work.

I also tried recording some of the practice so that I could see how it looked. This was helpful, and at least that way, I can see instantly how it looks on the monitor so I can follow my progress.

Once at a point whereby it begins to flow a little, will share an update video with the LMN members for feedback.

Take a look at Neo Magic if you haven’t already. A great selection of original magic effects for those who wish to perform. Podcast and a blog as well.

On Wednesday, I joined a Richard Jones live event on FaceBook. A really enjoyable quiz session and a give-away competition with loads of prizes. While I didn’t win anything, it was fun and I was tempted by a magic set that was on sale. The set is signed with a certificate/note from Richard so I had to buy to add to my collection. Looking forward to it arriving and sharing pictures.

My collection of signed cards, certificates and posters is gradually growing. I have about 10 autographs of famous magicians now with more on the way. Hopefully a Darcey Oake signed book and posted that I ordered will arrive soon. Looking forward to that.

I have also bought Scot Jerram’s book “Scot Free”, and I look forward to reading that in future. And it’s signed. Brilliant.

I may start a new page/gallery at some point with my collectibles as the collection grows.

TV wise, I revisited the first episode of DMC’s Death By Magic Which is on Netflix. An enjoyable episode that was in Edinburgh and covered the death of The Great Lafayette. It was a couple of years ago that I first watched it so I may watch the entire series again. Enjoyable.

That's my small update for this week. I have a lot going on next week with eight shows that I am attending online as part of MagicFest 2020. Should give lots of opportunities for content and reviews for the site.

If you are reading this and enjoy the site and blog, please let others know about as I am really keen to grow the audience and number of visitors.

I spent a little time today and yesterday working on some new ideas and content for the site. Will share more soon as it develops. Also working on site promotion.

If you are a performer yourself and you would like me to mention your shows either in the blog or in the promo pages, please get in touch so I can plug it.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.




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