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My Week In Magic - Update 17

This week has been incredibly busy with my job and attending MagicFest 2020. Opportunities to write lots of magic reviews for the site which has been great to do.

I have been attending MagicFest 2020 online each day since Wednesday. At the time of publishing this blog post, I will have been to 7 shows.

MagicFest 2020 highlights have to be Elliot Bibby, Magic Gareth and Kevin Quantum.

Unfortunately I was unable to join the Billy Reid show yesterday. The show clashed with a Darcey Oake show that I had already booked. I have seen Billy before though and watched him perform, so I know it will have been excellent.

The Darcey Oake show that I attended yesterday was impressive with high production values. Not part of MagicFest but equally impressive. The review will be published mid week.

I did manage to add one more collectible to my growing magic stash this week.

An amazing book by Scot Jerram called “Scot Free”. A card magic book that is beautifully bound and signed to me by Scot. Really pleased with it.

A first edition hard back print run with sleeve and A4 in size with 100 plus pages. Should keep me busy.

If you want to know more or order, contact Scot via his FaceBook page here.

Also, my latest MagicSeen magazine arrived yesterday. Good to see Vinny Sagoo feature again who is a fellow member of Leicester Magician’s Network.

After a busy week, I expect things to start calming down magic wise until the new year.

I have a social with the Leicester Magicians Network on Tuesday. Looking forward to catching up with everyone then.

Have a good week and enjoy what is left of the weekend.





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