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My Week In Magic - Update 18

I hope that you have all had a great Christmas. While of course difficult this year, still an opportunity to relax (hopefully) and keep safe. And if you have been working, especially key workers, I hope you get the chance to relax soon.

The week started with writing some blog posts while watching some of the David Blaine shows available on Sky One. Also watched some more Justin Willman on Netflix and Pure Magic on BBC Scotland.

Christmas Day had a bit of magic on TV which was good to see. ITV had Britain’s Got Talent which showcased some BGT magicians who are now well established performers. All were excellent. Ben Hart continues to perform classics that I haven’t seen in a long while, baking a cake in his top hat. Richard Jones did an amazing key worker thank you with cards. Marc Spelmann then performed a routine with technology using a phone and his character X.

Prior to Christmas, I caught up with the member’s of the Leicester Magician‘s Network. A great social and I look forward to all the new content in 2021 as we discussed future plans. We also had a magic quiz. I came last!

A quieter week for the website after all the reviews in the run up to Christmas. MagicFest 2020 was very enjoyable and provided lots of review opportunities. Proving that you can host an online magic festival successfully.

While I am blogging a little bit over Christmas and New Year, news is of course quiet currently. I generally have something to post most days but expect that news may dry up a little come New Year. Things are very quiet currently. If things do slow down, there maybe some odd days without blog posts until things hopefully pick up again in the New Year.

Christmas present wise, I did get spoilt with a few magic related items. A few photos below but the highlights being a signed Dynamo poster/picture. Just need to get it framed now and will share a pic of it once up on the wall.

I also received a couple of magic books and a Murphy's magic cup and ball set. The books being the Dynamo book and Magic is Dead. My new signed Richard Jones set also arrived. Really pleased with it as a signed box and now on display in my office.

On Boxing Day, I joined a free Zoom show hosted by Richard Jones. A show that he put on for his followers on FaceBook. Great show and was his way of thanking his fans. A few hundred viewed the show which was amazing.

Reading wise, looked at my latest magic seen magazine. Too many things To read and not enough time! I may put out some of the reads in our family room 2 and hopefully relax on the sofa abs read.

Yesterday, I had a chance to do a little more work on the website to improve it. Trying to improve the viewing experience and look gradually. Finally got round to making some changes to the reviews page and now have everything listed alphabetically.

A shorter update this week and hoping to practice some magic and read during the break. I’m not working until Thursday. Hope that you are having a good Christmas.

Will catch up again next week.




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