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My Week In Magic - Update 19

Other than one day of work, an opportunity to have a bit of time off was needed.

A very quiet week but I managed to do a bit of reading and magic practice. However, back to normality tomorrow with a working week ahead!

I needed a magic fix earlier in the week so I booked up for an online show on the Sunday evening. Billy Reid was advertising Christmas shows on FaceBook so I booked tickets to join the show. I didn’t review as I had already recently reviewed one of Billy’s shows. Therefore, decided to view and enjoy the show without worrying about writing a review.

The show was excellent, particularly if you are into card magic like I am. A nice set that is different from most other artists. His sleight of hand with the chop cup was also amazing.

An opportunity to refresh the welcome video for the website also came about on Sunday and Monday. Something fun and different from the current video with a message recorded by Sooty and Sweep. If you haven’t already, take a look at the homepage for the new welcome message. Hopefully over time I will build up a few welcome videos so I can mix things up a bit.

The video went live on Monday and has had a really good reaction. A bit of fun that I hope puts a smile on your face during these difficult times.

The Murphy‘ Magic cup and balls set that I received for Christmas from my wife came with an instruction video that I watched while practising during the week. I am really enjoying practising this routine. Thanks to Adam Edgeley (a founding member of the Leicester Magician’s Network) who assisted with some video help and advice which I needed. For more about Adam, read here.

As my daughter is off school on holidays, we watched the new Joel M instruction video‘s “Ultimate Magic Skills” that you can download on Sky Kid‘s if you have Sky (and perhaps Now TV). These short episodes are actually really good and enjoyable.

After taking a look at some various magic sites, I made some purchases from a particular well known magic store. I am looking forward to my things arriving as should enhance some of my performance.

I may eventually post my cup and balls routine on this site in the vlog section. May be a while yet though and will share any video with Adam and the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) first.

Mid-week, the site received a nice boost in visitors thanks to MagicFest 2020. They sent out an email to their followers that included a link to the MagicSeats site because of all the reviews of the festival that were carried out.

On New Year’s Eve, my new Athena A3 black frame arrived. It is now hanging in my office with my new signed Dynamo picture. Pleased with it. Looks good. An example of how the print looks below as impossible to photograph well on my wall due to glass reflection.

New Year’s Day was a good chance to chill. Continued watching the Joel M Sky TV show and some You Tube videos. If you get a chance watch Tom Stone appearing on Penn & Teller. Watch here.

Spending time looking at dealer related websites is getting a little addictive. So many things of interest to buy. On the Friday I bought some more purchases.

Yesterday I watched an ITV programme - “Tommy Cooper Forever”. A look back at the comic genius himself. This inspired me to write a small piece about Tommy and his famous “Glass Bottle/Multiplying Bottles” routine for Leicester Magicians Network.

For anyone with a genuine interest in magic, read about the Leicester Magicians Network on FaceBook here. It provides information about the club, membership and event info.

Happy New Year 2021.


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