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My Week In Magic - Update 20

The Sunday of last week was a good opportunity to plan and create some new website content. I am currently creating a set of collectibles pages for this website that documents all my different magical items. With autographed items and more being cateorgorised by type, book, poster etc. I worked on the site most days during the week as I found it quite enjoyable. Good to list and categorise everything. Once the pages are complete and live on the site, should be easier to update in future as I add items.

On the same day (Sunday), The Leicester Magicians Network also offered members an opportunity to provide a small article titled “Magic That Makes Me Tick”. I wrote a small piece about Tommy Cooper and his multiplying bottles routine that was posted by the group. Previous articles by members were excellent which provided motivation to try and write something. Read here on the LMN Facebook page.

Sunday night I picked up one of my new books that I received for Christmas, “Magic is Dead” by Ian Frisch. Seems like it will be a good read. I am looking forward to this one.

On the Monday, I booked to see a Morgan & West Zoom talk for February. Will look forward to that as organised by the Blackpool Magic Club. Was just a fiver for the ticket. They have other talks planned and advertised for the year that also look interesting.

On the Tuesday, a new mat/pad arrived that I had order from a magic supplier. A really nicely presented red velvet pad with a black leather base. Looks so good and immediately used it to practice my cups and balls routine. Also tried out my cards, ribbon spreading etc. Excellent quality.

On Wednesday, I joined the members of the Leicester Magicians Network for a social. A good evening as always with lots discussed/shared.

The rest of the week was relatively quiet and I had a number of opportunities to practice my cups and balls routine which is good. The new pad really helps and solves an issue for me that I had been experiencing with presentation of the routine.

Saturday afternoon (yesterday) allowed more content creation for the website. Really looking forward to sharing all the new content and pages once ready. I am not committing myself to any dates as I want to focus on the quality of the pages that I am creating. However, I expect the new content to launch at the end of January or perhaps early February. I will keep you posted and start advertising dates on the site once I know when it will all be posted. For now, I have put a new promo pic on the homepage to promote it. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend. Martin



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