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My Week In Magic - Update 21

A shorter update this week as all has been fairly quiet. Most time invested in my hobby has been on the website itself.

Last Sunday, I felt inspired and motivated to work on more website content. I contacted a well known TV magician and I started writing questions to interview them.

My last interview was in November, so about time that I did a new one for the site. Will share more details about it as it develops but the good news is that they accepted the interview. Looking forward to being able to tell you more soon as this is quite a big interview to get. Lets just say a regular on TV.

Throughout the week, I also spent more time preparing content for the new collectables pages that will be coming soon. As the new pages have content over 11 pages, it makes sense that I now also create a new site map for the site here. I spent more time on this most days and even managed to give the homepage a bit of an update. Creating the site map is a bit boring if I am honest but essential for any site as it grows. I also added a new playing card logo finally. A vector graphic picture had been the logo for far too long!.

My newest collectable arrived on Thursday, my new book “The Secret Life Of A Female Magician - Spun Into Gold “ arrived by Romany Romany. All signed and dedicated. Looks like a good read and another good addition to my collection. Really nicely presented so while a paperback, good quality printed pages. For details and to buy, check out amazon here.

Romany has gained much experience over the years as an artist, winning various accolades and appearing on shows such as Penn & Teller: Fool us.

The book is billed as a story of showbiz dreams, addiction and finding real magic.

Thursday also was the latest workshop hosted by the Leicester Magicians Network founding members, Scot Jerram and Pete Whitmore. A really good night that was well prepared, teaching us new card and mentalism routines.

All the routines that we were shown were excellent, so while I still need to keep practicing a lot, I believe that I have a number of routines that I can potentially put together to form an act of my own. I am thinking a short 15 to 20 minute act with 3, perhaps 4 routines. A show for family initially to allow me to build confidence and perhaps some videos to share to friends and family as well.

Like I said at the beginning, a very quiet week this week. At time of writing this, I intend to do more site page creation over the weekend for the collectables pages. Certainly spent a few hours today (Saturday) building the required pages.

Lastly, the magic circle have been gaining a lot of media publicity in the general press this week for their unlocked event where all who are interested are invited to attend. Celebrating 100 years of sawing in half. Sooty and Debbie McGee were even on “This Morning” on ITV advertising the event. The event is on Sunday evening for anyone interested via FaceBook.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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