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My Week In Magic - Update 23

The week got off to a good start with an approach from Dave Alnwick's show manager. I was offered the opportunity to review Dave’s forthcoming public zoom show.

I immediately got to work, researching about Dave Alnwick. An important part of any review is not only the write up of the show itself, but the research, understanding who the artist is, their background and biography. Always enjoyable.

I attended the show on the Friday, and I was not disappointed. A full review is coming very soon as I continue to work on it this weekend. I have finished the first draft and will publish as soon as the editor (my wife Nadine) reviews it!

It was good to watch and review an online show again. After a lot of reviews in December, online shows had generally been quiet in January as you would expect. Therefore I had focused on other website activities this month such as new content that has just launched - the collectable's pages.

If you haven't taken a look already at the collectables pages, take a look here. I've put a lot of work into this new section and hope that you will enjoy viewing.

On the Sunday, I was bidding on eBay for some Paul Daniels collectables. Some really nice signed posters. Unfortunately I didn’t win but I will carry on keeping an eye for interesting signed posters. Would like a decent Paul Daniels addition to my collection.

But during the week, I did manage to get a new signed copy of new Stephen Mulhern magic set that is not yet released Will add to the collectables pages once received.

Also a signed Darren Brown autograph with certificate of authenticity. Signature slightly faded but was really cheap. Normally they go for a lot more than I paid. This arrived very quickly (yesterday).

Midweek, I prepared a list of jobs to launch the new site content. Just final touches and updates to make sure everything works as it should and is advertised as live. I planned well and then discovered additional jobs to make sure everything was completed successfully.

On the Wednesday, an exciting development was the arrival of my new book to review. “XYA” by Chris Dugdale. Looking forward to this one as the book is unique, sharing effects and essays. Very limited print run as well. Review should be up in February.

On the Thursday I realised that a technical issue meant some blog posts were posted late during the week. I will keep an eye and hopefully it will resolve itself with the provider. On the Wednesday, the scheduled blog post did not go live that night as planned. Hence no post that day and two posts the following day.

The rest of the week was very quiet and was website related, managing the site. Hopefully today I will get to practice a little magic with my cups and balls.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Martin



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