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My Week In Magic - Update 26

The week started well with some new content posted on the site.

I completed my first book review of “XYA” by Chris Dugdale and posted it on Monday. Good feedback received from Chris who was pleased that I enjoyed his book.

I’ve also read “Spun Into Gold” by Romany during the week. Romany had agreed to answer a few interview questions as well which is great news. I’ve completed the book review which I will post this Friday and I am now working on the interview which I expect will be posted in a couple of weeks time.

Have now picked up “Magic Is Dead” again by Ian Frisch Will let you know how I get on with it. Unlikely to review this book as I am just looking to enjoy it without note keeping etc

On Friday I published my latest interview with Richard Jones. He was pleased with the early copy and it was published on Friday. Take a read if you haven't already.

Activity wise, mid-week, I attended my first AGM for the Leicester Magicians network. A good meet and social. Membership is now growing rapidly as the word gets out about this club. If you haven’t already, check out their FaceBook page. A decent club with activities most weeks.

Collectables wise, one new item arrived this week but I have to wait for it as a present for my birthday next month. The new Shin Lim magic set. Looking forward to that one as it gets you 2 1/2 hours of instructional video by Shin Lim. Think I have a few magic related pressies for my birthday in March.

Next week I have a "Cups and Balls" workshop with Adam Edgeley from Leicester Magicians Network. Free for members and I know that a lot of the members have been looking forward to this particular session. Learn more here.

I also have a new show review in the planning stages and I will be attending the Lxke Trix Zoom show on the Friday. Review to follow soon.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


PS. If you are a magician who would like to be featured on the site, please do get in touch. Open to invites to review shows and books, conduct interviews and plug shows via my blog and promo page.


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