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My Week In Magic - Update 27

I spent some time this week preparing new site content for March. I already have a new show review and an interview in the pipeline.

I prepared a new review of the Lxke Trix “Extravaganza” online show. A new zoom show that was streamed live from a theatre in Birmingham. An enjoyable evening on Friday watching and then writing the review. The finished post will be published in the site this Monday.

I am spacing out the reviews where possible from now on, so that I attend one show every few weeks for review purposes. More enjoyable that way and I can then just focus on one show at a time.

I also completed my interview with Romany and have the early version now ready to send to her. The book review of “Spun Into Gold“ was posted on Friday which is already getting views. The interview will be posted on this coming Friday.

Mid-week I attended a cups and balls workshop, hosted and run by Adam Edgeley and the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN). A really good session which was very well attended and it was enjoyed by all. Good to see the club growing. I know they have more amazing workshops and lectures coming soon.

Collectables wise, I managed to purchase a poster that I had been after previously. An A3 Paul Daniels poster that is also signed by Debbie McGee and Chris Cross. Looking forward to receiving it.

Book wise, I continued to read “Magic is Dead” by Ian Frisch. An enjoyable book about the secretive club 52. Worth reading. I am not planning on reviewing this book, but have plans for another book review soon. At best, I may write a mini review on my impressions once complete. So just my recollections and thoughts, rather than a massive in depth piece of work. I also want to read a couple of Derren Brown books. Too much to do!

Review wise, I may review the new Shin Lim magic kit once I get mine next month.

Yesterday, I got the chance to practice my cups and balls routine. An enjoyable session. My new copper cup also arrived but I’m not allowed it yet! A future birthday present.

Think that pretty much sums up my week. Next week I have a coin workshop for starters which is hosted by Ian Ganage and the Leicester Magicians Network. Looking forward to it as I have not carried out any coin magic.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends.



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