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My Week In Magic - Update 28

The week started in quite a busy fashion. I had some time to practice with my cups and I was even able to perform the NeoMagic trick "Bucket List" for my daughter. It went down well and it gave me a bit of confidence. Thankfully as I had practiced it a bit, I think I presented it quite well. Very straight forward to perform and comes with good instructions. I was lucky that I saw Vinny demo the trick last year, so I had a good idea of the best way to perform it.

As my birthday is approaching, I also bought some more effects from NeoMagic which is run by Vinny Sagoo. My sister wanted present ideas and I immediately knew what I wanted. Check out Vinny's site here.

Later in the week I started to practice “Deception” that is also a NeoMagic effect.

I will have some news to announce very soon about NeoMagic. Possible future content!

I also started work on other new content for the site, organising a few new interviews that will be published over the next few weeks.

One such interview is with Jay & Joss and it will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Previously I reviewed the Jay & Joss online Zoom show and the review has continued to prove popular with many reading it. Therefore, it made sense to try and get an interview. You can read the original review here.

I am also in the early stages of preparing a couple of other interviews for March. More details to follow soon. Therefore, March is shaping up to be good for site content.

Magic is my passion and hobby which continues to grow, particularly since I created this site nearly a year ago. I get immense pleasure out of this hobby and I have attempted to carve my own unique niche and differentiate myself from other such sites. Thank you to everyone who has assisted to date and I hope that the site makes a difference promoting the work of artists.

Purchase wise, for my collection, I have bought the new Lxke Trix (aka Luke Baker) magic kit. Signed to me which is a bonus. This site works a lot with Lxke, and this is a nice addition to my collection. Available on the Lxke Trix website.

Also, Chris Cross has released a new Matthew Corbett signed poster. Part of an exclusive range of signed posters from his “Living Legends”. I purchased my poster and hope to receive it in a few weeks. Once received, will add it to the collectables poster page. Looking forward to keeping it stored with my other posters as that collection is growing.

One other collectable that arrived was my signed Paul Daniels picture. Also signed by Debbie McGee and Chris Cross. Looks good and is one of the lay shows before Paul’s death.

Mid week, I watched a Sky Documentary called “The Amazing Johnathan”. A film about a dying magician whose real name is John Edward Szeles. An average film at best and it becomes less about the magician and more about how several documentary crews ended up filming Jonathan and competing. Not the film I thought it would be. A bit boring to be honest. Also took a strange turn with the documentary maker taking drugs with Jonathan. Wouldn‘t waste your time on this one.

A much better program was “Tommy Cooper at the BBC” Clips of Tommy presented by Lenny Henry A short show but enjoyable which I watched on Friday. Available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.

Show wise, I managed to get some Chris Dugdale public tickets for his Zoom show in March. Looking forward to that one. Will probably also conduct a review of the show. He is doing a few shows and one date is already sold out. Book here.

I also booked my ticket for the Richard Jones lecture. Organised by the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN). Looking forward to this and it will take place on Tuesday the 30th of March. I believe that guests can pay to attend with reduced price for members if you contact them.

The LMN also ran an excellent coin workshop which was hosted by Ian Gamage on Wednesday. An enjoyable workshop that was an introduction to coin magic for me.

As for next week, I have a few interviews planned that I will be working on. Also, another LMN lecture with ACE Magic studios and an LMN jam to practice cups. All good!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.





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