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My Week In Magic - Update 30

The week got off to a good start, publishing a review of the new Chris Dugdale virtual experience show - "Down To 1" on Sunday afternoon. The post proved popular and Chris even quoted the review in his promo for the show. Always pleasing when the reviews are acknowledged by the artists.

Chris Dugdale

On the same day, I also received contact from magician Angus Baskerville. He was pleased that I had liked his online show when I published a review and hopefully he will be free to do an interview soon.

Attempting to publish more interviews on the site and after the successful Vinny Sagoo (Neo Magic) interview, I published the Jay & Joss interview on Friday.

As there was no Leicester Magician Network meeting this week, I used the time to practice my cups routine. I also took a closer look at my new Dynamo magic kit and continued to practice “Attraction” and “Three Coin Monty” by Vinny Sagoo.

A surprise yesterday was opening my effect “intense” by Vinny that was in a sealed bag. Contained a note and lots of cool freebies like a bookmark, stickers etc. - cheers Vinny.

"Intense" is brilliant by the way. Very easy to perform and I amazed my daughter with it. Great reaction and she claimed that I was annoying as I wouldn't tell her the secret. Really pleased with this effect and looking forward to performing for others.

I've also registered and entered a competition that Neo Magic are now running with Magic World. A live event and competition in April. Read more on Vinny's Neo Magic FaceBook page here.

"Intense" by Neo Magic

Purchase wise, I was able to get a Richard Cadell signed signature with a picture of Sooty. Good low price on E-Bay.

Also bought a Martin Daniels autograph on e-bay. My autograph collection is really growing now! And lastly, finally bought Mark Wilson’s Complete guide to Magic. Many books to read!

Richard Cadell and Sooty!

I spent additional time during the week, adding my new collectables to the site. So many new things to add it will take a while. About 5 or so more books and then everything is up to date and logged on the pages.

On the Thursday I watched an interview with Elliot Bibby. 40 minutes and enjoyable to watch. He performed a small set and spoke about performing magic at weddings. Find it on his FaceBook page.

Elliot Bibby

On the Saturday, I looked for ages to find the right sized picture frames and mounts for some of my signed photos that I want to display. A small job for the week ahead once they arrive.

Finally managed to order what I wanted after a bit of a search and will hopefully arrive soon. Will look forward to displaying my Mandy Muden and John Archer signed pics.

Last night, I joined another online show which was with Tony Middleton. His “Virtually Impossible“ zoom experience.

As I am currently reading his book on performing, was great to see him in action. Very impressive. Review will be out very soon.

Next week I have a Leicester Magicians Network meeting. an opportunity for all to share their routines.

A lot of website content is in the works that I will be writing during the forth coming week. Lots of new interviews that I am working on which includes Kerry Scorah and Megan Swann. Others will also be announced soon with about four interviews in the pipeline currently.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Martin



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