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My Week In Magic - Update 31

I intended to spend some of the week writing new website content. At the time of writing, 4 new interviews and 3 forthcoming show reviews are in the pipeline. I struggled a little time wise but was pleased to complete my new Kerry Scorah interview which be out tomorrow.

My latest review of Tony Middleton’s “Virtually Impossible” was also published on the Monday. An excellent show and the review has gained lots of views. It was especially pleasing to see that this review was mentioned in the brilliant news site for all professional magic news. Thank you Tony and MagicWeek.

All of my new picture frames started arriving during the week so that I can display more treasures in my magic room.

I framed my new John Archer and Mandy Muden signed photos. They look so good.

Mandy Muden also guested on Richard Jones Live on Friday, which was a really good show. Very enjoyable and his best show ever. You need to watch if you haven’t seen it. Available on FaceBook and YouTube. Just such a fabulous chat from a lovely lady. Two of my favourite artists chatting together.

It was especially pleasing when Richard mentioned Magic Seats, as I submitted a question. Mandy of course acknowledging she knew of the site and me. Nice highlight.

Friday Might Live with Richard Jones and guest starring Mandy Muden

The reality is that Mandy was the first magician to give the site some help with an interview. A very kind lady who has been very supportive of the site and has done lots of nice things/favours for me.

During an illness a couple of years ago, I received a lovely video message from her that I still have. It always makes me smile as she recorded a special video just for me when I missed her solo show in 2019. It contains cheeky Mandy humour and magic that is of course her trademark.

My new signed photo of her was also a surprise with a birthday card a couple of weeks ago. My wife Nadine arranged it with her. Now hanging proudly in my office as it looks really good framed.

Visit Mandy's website and social FaceBook page to know more.

I got a chance early in the week to open my Shin Lim magic set. Really nice. Unlike many magic sets, not a toy. Nicely packaged as well. Didn’t get long to play with it but do have a little free time up coming from late March!

On the Wednesday, I joined the latest Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) workshop. Magicians showing their routines. An enjoyable session and catch up with good friends.

Thursday, I received an email to book for a new exclusive Jay & Joss show. Only 20 tickets were available for their new show and I managed to grab my ticket thankfully. By my reckoning, they sold out in about 5 minutes. This is a brand new show of close up magic. Can’t wait for that show. They have since added more shows.

On the Friday, a new effect arrived that I bought from from Stevo. An amazing gimmick that I saw while he conducted a pro lecture/demo during a recent Leicester Magicians Network event. I have already been recording videos as I practice with the gimmick. I still need to improve my handling. At some point, I will share more...

Next week, lots planned. The Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) has our star guest lecture with Richard Jones on Tuesday. Really looking forward to that and I am sure I will mention it next week. Then I have the Jay & Joss show to review on Friday which will also be a highlight.

Have a good weekend and don’t forget to start stocking up for Easter. Now, where are my orange and mint clubs. Need some chocolate!





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