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My Week In Magic - Update 33

I was able to attend a few more online shows this week that I reviewed.

First up was “Another Night (IN) of Deception with Richard Parsons, Kerry Scorah and Mark Shortland. An excellent show with high production values. Read the review here.

Mark, Kerry and Richard

On Friday, I attended the latest Angus Baskerville online show. Another excellent show and I carried out a mini review.

Richard Jones was also back with a new show. I watched that one tonight and I have just posted the review at nearly 1 am this morning. An amazing show and you can read it here.

I have also been working with the founders of the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) to produce a series of interviews for May. Adam Edgeley, Ian Gamage, Pete Whitmore and Scot Jerram. It will be a good series of interviews.

Also, I am working with Chris Fleming who is an international magician. The draft is now finished and going through reviews. Should be out next week.

Chris Fleming

Film wise, I thought I would watch Now You See Me. A group of magicians/illusionists who rob a bank. Struggling a little bit with it to be honest and havent completed it yet at time of writing.

I finally purchased some image manipulation software to help with the site. I bought Corel PaintShop Pro, as you can buy it outright rather than have to sign up to a subscription. It will be a steep learning curve and I have already used it to give the homepage for desktop and mobile a further lick of paint. Hopefully it looks professional.

Mid-week on Wednesday, we had another LMN workshop. An excellent card workshop hosted by Scot Jerram. This week was called semi-automatic miracles. A good range of routines for all skill levels. I particularly liked a poker hand routine. Thanks Scot.

Scot Jerram

Collectables wise, I was pleased with a couple of new additions. I purchased some original Mark Shortland artwork and the deck of cards that feature the original picture purchased. All signed. The collectables pages have been updated and you should check out the new additions page in particular.

Mark Shortland original artwork and signed "53 Films"cards

Next week, I am going to an LMN workshop and a pro lecture. Also have the BMC online convention at the weekend.

Well, I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I will definitely be spending some time today working on my latest interviews.

Thanks all




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